A Blizzard Experience

Today I got a personal tour of Blizzard Entertainments facility. This was an amazing experience that I wont forget and has restored my hopes for a future in video game creation. I learned a lot about what it’s like to work for a game company as well as how it is organized. My tour guide Drew was a great guy with a lot of insight and a great personality. He was nice enough to spare some tips and help nudge me in the right direction for getting a job at Blizzard and starting my career in something I’m passionate about. Seems I would be a great fit as long as I can get that interview. I’m passionate for game design, have a drive to be the best at what I do, and do what is expected of me plus more. When I put my mind to something I learn it quick and efficiently because I know this is what I want to do the rest of my life, help make games better.


First Assignment!

So I have volunteered at an indie company working to recreate a game similar to City of Heroes. They seemed to like my portfolio and now I have my first assignment! Hope this goes well, will be working hard.

Learning Method

So after a year of modeling I have been wanting to buckle down on understanding game prop models specifically with keeping low polycounts. What I have found to be pretty efficient in helping me see a general rule of thumb polycount is by playing a game and analyzing their models or taking snapshots of models in the games I play, after this I really try analyze and try to see the edges/faces so I can try to build that object with the same amount of polys. If I keep following this I will probably be over prepared for a future internship. I feel because of this method I have achieved a new level of environmental modeling for video games. So exciting!

Modeling Day and Night

I never seem to get enough of modeling, when im working on my portfolio work I literally take all day strictly working on modeling certain themes or objects without any regrets of time consumption. The better I get at modeling the more I grow to love it, the more I want to model! I learn something new every day.